Nate McMurray’s record of fiscal responsibility and growth on Grand Island shines

As Town Supervisor in a Conservative Area, Nate has a Record of Success
“I’ll bring that same attention to fiscal responsibility and commitment to good-paying jobs to Congress.”

HAMBURG, NY – Nate McMurray, the Democratic and Working Families Party Candidate for New York’s 27th Congressional District, has a record of success as Supervisor of Grand Island recently highlighted by the opening of the Western New York Welcome Center and his leadership standing up to corporate polluters like Tonawanda Coke.

Last week, the independent watchdog Politifact verified McMurray’s statement the often makes to voters: that he has kept a balanced budget, increased surpluses and brought the town of Grand Island the highest credit rating it’s ever had.

“I didn’t think of myself a politician, it hasn’t been my life’s ambition to have a fancy title, but I saw that my background in business could help the area I love and it has,” said McMurray. “I’m proud of what we’ve done on Grand Island in the past two years: balanced the budget, raised our credit rating, increased surpluses, opened up miles of our scenic waterfront for families to enjoy, turned dilapidated buildings into a beautiful new hotel, brought clean solar energy to our town and stood up to corporate polluters. Last week, I was thrilled to open our Western New York welcome center on Grand Island that will help tourists and locals alike celebrate our history and promote the many attractions in and around Western New York. I’ll bring that same attention to fiscal responsibility and commitment to good-paying jobs to Congress.”

“Nobody rolls up their sleeves and gets to work like Nate McMurray,” said Grand Island Deputy Supervisor Jim Sharpe. “In the two years we’ve had him as Supervisor, Grand Island has made improvements at lightning speed. He understands the unique assets of Grand Island and Western New York and he knows how to put policies in place and bring together the right coalitions of leaders to make positive changes that help families throughout our community.”

McMurray’s record in two years as Grand Island Supervisor:

  • Advocated for Grand Island to be the home of the new Western New York welcome center and worked closely with state and local officials to open a 15,000 square foot facility that celebrates the rich history of our region, promotes local attractions for tourists and residents and sells products from local small businesses and farms.
    For coverage of Supervisor McMurray at the grand opening of the Western New York Welcome Center last Friday, click here.
  • Removed the onerous tollbooths on Grand Island’s bridges and instituted cashless tolling to ease the commutes of residents and make Grand Island more accessible to tourists. He is working diligently with the State to ensure that the cashless tolling is streamlined and does not unduly harm those residents who do not yet have EZ-Pass.
  • Fought corporate polluters like Tonawanda Coke alongside local citizens and elected leaders to stop the release of toxic chemicals contaminating the air and soil for years. For a recent interview Supervisor McMurray conducted from the scene of a fire at the Tonawanda Coke plant this week, click here.
  • Opened eight miles of waterfront land to public use building a family-friendly walkway and trail. The West River Parkway will be open this fall.
  • Fought for funding from federal and state sources to build much-needed miles of sidewalks and improved the town’s business district.
  • Lead the effort to convert an abandoned, nearly-condemned former Dunlap building into a beautiful 100-room Holiday Inn Express that hosts tourists and is less than a 15-minute drive to Niagara Falls.
  • Wrote and passed legislation allowing solar companies to build solar farms on Grand Island that will help the town use clean energy and approach energy independence.
  • Championed local farmers by creating an environment that allowed the growth of 50 local farms within the Erie County Ags and Market district in the first year of his administration. Today, there are more than 100 new farms in the town and existing farms have expanded.
  • Consistently fought for union jobs and for prevailing wages on local projects.
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