Voters celebrate Nate McMurray’s campaign for Congress, blast GOP bosses in pages of local newspapers

 “Nate, unlike our current congressman, is truly one of us”

I see Nate McMurray as a politician genuinely interested in the constituents he would promise to serve.”

Choose a candidate based on his record, not on the letter that follows his name. Nate McMurray is that candidate.”

HAMBURG, NY — Exactly one month since Congressman Chris Collins suspended his re-election bid after his indictment by the FBI for insider trading, voters in New York’s 27th Congressional District have made their voices heard supporting the Democratic and Working Families Party candidate Nate McMurray who has been campaigning ceaselessly in every corner of the district, hearing the concerns of voters.

“Hardworking,” “genuine” and “a young, fresh face” are just some of the words voters are using to describe McMurray in the pages of at least half a dozen newspapers across the district. Meanwhile, voters have expressed their disdain for local Republican party bosses trying to subvert the political process by inserting a replacement for Rep. Collins without input from the voters of the region.

“Everywhere I go I see an incredible energy, voters passionate about this election and evidence of this campaign’s grassroots momentum. I see it firsthand as I crisscross the district and I am honored that so many voters are spreading the word in letters to the editor. These writers feel as strongly as I do that we need to break a political machine that exists only to benefit donors, lobbyists and special interests,” said McMurray. “They recognize I am the only candidate who will go to Washington and fight for them every day.”

Letters to the Editor are appearing almost daily in local newspapers from Clarence to Canandaigua contributing to the campaign’s growing grassroots momentum:

  • “I see Nate McMurray as a politician genuinely interested in the constituents he would promise to serve,” wrote Mariane Croger in the Sept. 7 edition of the Livingston County News. “In the brief time of his campaign, he has visited several towns in Livingston County including Geneseo, Caledonia, Avon, Mount Morris, Livonia, Lakeville and Hemlock. While he sees the beauty in our towns and countryside, he does not come as a sightseer. He come to meet us, to see where we live and work and raise our families. He comes to hear our concerns.”
  • “Nate, unlike our current congressman, is truly one of us,” Elizabeth Mitchell of Farmington said in the Aug. 30 edition of the Daily Messenger. “He was born and raised in the Buffalo area to a blue-collar family. He chose to raise his family and live here after living around the country and abroad in Asia. And after meeting him in person on more than one occasion, I remain struck by how personable, genuine and invested [he is] in the thoughts and concerns of those who live in NY-27.”
  • “Send a young, fresh face to Washington, Nate McMurray,” wrote David Frank of Lancaster in the Aug. 24 online edition of The Buffalo News. “He has pledged to represent all of the people of the 27th, the rich and the poor, and he will meet with them in the district. He is a town supervisor and former law professor, eminently qualified to represent us (without the baggage).”
  • Jean Orsini-Clabeaux of Grand Island recounted her positive personal interactions with Nate and his record of fulfilling campaign promises. “For residents in the NY 27th Congressional District seeking an honest and ethical representative who will work hard for his constituents, I strongly recommend a vote for Nate McMurray,” she said in the Clarence Bee on Aug. 1.
Meanwhile, voters have also been highly critical of the process Republican party bosses are undertaking as they seek to replace Collins on the Nov. 6 ballot:
  • “Right now, the Republicans do not yet have a candidate to fill the vacancy left by Chris Collins,” Jana Wachsler of Canandaigua said in the Aug. 22 Daily Messenger. “They will eventually come up with someone, anyone that they can find to take that spot. They are still banking on the fact that the candidate will win, again based solely on the letter ‘R’ that comes after their name. When you go to vote in November — and I strongly encourage you to exercise your right as a citizen to do so — choose a candidate who stands for us. Choose a candidate based on his record, not on the letter that follows his name. Nate McMurray is that candidate.”
  • “What about all these Republican vultures now lining up to fill Collins’ seat?” said Gary Bernstein of Clarence in the Aug. 19 online edition of The Buffalo News. “Did they call him out on his ethics charges? No! Did they mount a primary campaign to challenge Collins? No! Did they go through the efforts to get constituents’ signatures in support of their candidacy? No! Do they care about perverting Democracy? Now they want to waltz in and be the candidate. I say, No! They were all complicit in the Collins campaign. They should have to live with the consequences!”
  • What impressed me most about District 27 candidate Nate McMurray’s appearance at his rally in Farmington was the empathy he expressed for his embattled opponent, Chris Collins, and his family,” said Mark Syverud in the Aug. 24 Monroe Post. “McMurray, who recently ran into Collins at a local parade, said he could sense the trouble in Collins’ body language and see the stress in his eyes. He offered sympathy to Collins and his family, who may be facing stiff jail time for alleged insider trading. Compassion? For a political rival? In this environment? Contrast this with the Republican response to Collins’ arrest. At last report, no fewer than four would-be replacements were picking over his political bones like buzzards searching for carrion. I think we could use a bit more of McMurray’s style in Washington, and a lot less of the Grand Old Party, i.e. President Trump.”
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