McMurray Slams Collins For Accepting Money From Pharmaceutical Special Interests

“If it wasn’t so shameless, it would be unbelievable”
HAMBURG, NY – Nate McMurray, Democrat and Working Families Party Congressional candidate in NY-27, released the following statement in response to fundraising figures released by his opponent, Chris Collins who is currently out on bail after being indicted on charges of insider trading and lying to the FBI.

“Let me get this straight: Chris Collins sat on the board of a drug company, then conspired to make sure he didn’t lose money when a drug trial failed, then lied about it to the FBI, then decided he’d run for re-election because his lawyers thought it would keep him out of jail and now the only financial support for his campaign comes from pharmaceutical special interests? If it wasn’t so shameless, it would be unbelievable,” said Nate McMurray.

“Who is Chris Collins beholden to? Not the voters, he won’t even meet with them. But his buddies in the pharmaceutical industry?  Yes, and he’ll end up in jail because of it. Now we have evidence that he’s using his campaign as a slush fund to pay his attorneys even after he said he wouldn’t.

“Mr. Collins has said that his loyalty is to his donors, but he doesn’t seem to have many of those either. He spent more on fundraising consultants and fundraising events than he’s earned.

“Support is fading, Chris. People see that your campaign gets more desperate by the day. I’m proud that we’ve had thousands of hard-working Americans chipping in through potlucks and picnics to fight the corruption they see in Washington. They know we can do better than a member of Congress out on bail and has been kicked off of every Congressional committee.”

A third-quarter filing with the Federal Election Commission by Mr. Collins shows his campaign raised a mere $32,755.74 in the last three months.
Last week, Nate announced that he raised more than $475,000 in the third quarter, the vast majority of it in the seven weeks following Mr. Collins’ indictment. Nate’s impressive fundraising comes even as he will not accept corporate PAC money. He was recently endorsed by End Citizens United, a group dedicated to getting Big Money out of politics and fixing the rigged system in Washington so it works for all Americans. Nate’s full announcement is here.

Nate’s impressive fundraising kicked off a week of good news as a recent poll showed Nate McMurray tied with Chris Collins. And today, Nate’s advertisements went on the air. Momentum is building for Nate McMurray in NY-27.’

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