McMurray Campaign Announces Outreach Group ‘Republicans for Nate’

Steering Committee will put country over party to help get Nate McMurray elected in NY-27

HAMBURG, NY – Today Nate McMurray, Democrat and Working Families Party Congressional candidate in NY-27, announced the official launch of Republicans for Nate, a steering committee of supporters who are willing to cross party lines and have committed to support Nate in his race against indicted Congressman Chris Collins.

Founded by Cecily Molak, Republicans for Nate has steering committee members from across the district who will lead outreach to their fellow Republicans on behalf of Nate McMurray. They include a former supervisor, veteran and activists.

Republicans for Nate Founder and Chairwoman Cecily Molak said, “When I voted for Chris Collins in the 2016 election, I had no idea that a few months later I’d be filing a complaint against him with the Office of Congressional Ethics. I didn’t know that he’d sold us out to make himself, his family and his friends even richer. We have a right to demand that our government officials act ethically and in our interests. I’m convinced Nate McMurray will do just that. I’m voting for Nate in November, and so are almost all my Republican friends.”

Molak is a resident of Honeoye Falls in Monroe County. She recently joined Nate to open his seventh campaign office, this one in Canandaigua, and addressed and overflowing crowd rallying them to support our next Congressman.

“From the beginning, our campaign has been about the values of this region, economic fairness and integrity. My commitment was never to any one party, it was always to families like mine, and hardworking folks worried about healthcare and social security, wanting a system that works for them, knowing we deserve better than a member of Congress out on bail. I may not agree with everyone on every issue, but I promise to listen and truly represent the people of this region,” said McMurray. “If you believe in America First, that means you also believe that party has to come second – and that should be true for Democrats or Republicans. I’m humbled by the support of such hardworking patriots who know we need to put country over party.”

Republicans for Nate Steering Committee

  • Cecily Molak, Honeoye Falls,Chairwoman
  • Charles Brown, South Wales,Steering Committee Member
  • Theron Howard, LeRoy,Steering Committee Member
  • Alan Knight (USAF Ret), Canandaigua,Steering Committee Member
  • John J. McKenna, East Aurora,Steering Committee Member
  • George Schreier, Attica,Steering Committee Member

Additional comments from Steering Committee Leadership below.

Charles Brown, South Wales

“I’m a longtime Republican and I’m supporting Nate McMurray for Congress. I’m disgusted with Chris Collins and the way he’s enabled a national agenda I just can’t agree with. I watch what Nate has done on Grand Island, using practical experience, hard work and intelligence to bring growth and opportunity to his constituents. Nate has integrity and toughness. We need smart minds and fresh approaches to the old problems that the current tired old bunch in Washington refuse to do anything about. In my mind, Nate McMurray is the man for the job.”

Theron Howard, Le Roy
Theron is a former two-term Town Supervisor from Pavilion, NY

“As the mid-term elections approached, I realized that there is no Republican candidate for New York’s 27th Congressional seat that I could in good conscience vote for.  Rather than allow my absence from the polls to in effect give a vote for the status quo, I took a close look at Nate McMurray.  I was immediately impressed with what I saw.  He embodies the qualities we want for our elected officials and is not afraid to come out and meet with the people he seeks to represent.  He is tuned in to the issues that are important to all of us and not just a privileged few.  He has my unqualified support and I urge everyone to carefully consider our options on November 6th, forget about blurred party lines, and vote for NATE MCMURRAY for truly quality representation in Congress.”

Alan Knight (USAF Ret), Canandaigua

“Just because I’m a Republican doesn’t mean I’ll vote for a criminal. I met Nate at a roundtable with veterans like myself. He took the time to listen to us and pledged to continue to meet with us and address the concerns of the veterans community in Congress.”

George Schreier, Attica

“Since Nate McMurray became the Democratic has become the nominee, I have met him at various places and functions around the district. He has been there to answer any and all questions. Meanwhile, Mr. Collins has lied to the FBI, his colleges in congress, the local Republican party leaders, and most of all the constituents in the NY27 district. I cannot support Mr. Collins and his lies and flip-flopping decisions in this race. All of his actions so far are “what’s good for me”, and little regards for the people in NY-27. That’s why this Republican will be voting for Mr. Nate McMurray for congress in November. I would urge all other republicans to join me, and vote for the BEST CANDIDATE for the people, and not just blindly following the party lines.”

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