NY Post Endorses One – and only one – Democrat for Congress: Nate McMurray in NY-27

Murdoch-owned paper says “voters should return the incumbent’s contempt”

HAMBURG, NY – Today the New York Post issued their Congressional endorsements for races in New York State and New Jersey, and the sole Democrat to earn their support is Nate McMurray in New York’s 27th Congressional District. The right-leaning paper today made clear that Chris Collins’ indictment made him an unacceptable choice for voters.

Said the New York Post, “After first agreeing to drop out, Collins changed his mind and plainly means to use the seat as a chip in plea-bargaining… voters should return the incumbent’s contempt.”

The same day, the Buffalo News reported on a lack of enthusiasm among Republicans in NY-27.

Earlier this week, the McMurray campaign announced Republicans for Nate, a steering committee of Republican supporters committed to reaching out to fellow GOP voters to support Nate.

“Voters from all backgrounds can’t run away fast enough from Chris Collins,” said McMurray. “Every day I meet more regular folks who believe in putting country over party. They’re sick of the fighting, sick of being lied to, and embarrassed to be represented by a man out on bail. Voters are smarter than Mr. Collins gives them credit for.

“My commitment was never to any one party, it was always to families like mine, and hardworking women and men worried about healthcare and social security, who feel like the system is rigged against them. We don’t all agree on every issue, but I will always listen and truly represent the people of our region.”

Since the August indictment, national and local republicans have been turning their back on Collins. The Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan stripped him of all his committee assignments. The National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee said they would “not give a dime” to this race. And the House Ethics Committee voted unanimously to investigate him.

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