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Nate McMurray, a trusted local leader

Husband, father, and community leader, Nathan McMurray is uniquely qualified to serve the people of the 27th District. As Town Supervisor of Grand Island, Nate brings vitality and a fresh perspective to issues and challenges that have plagued the Island for many years.

Nathan’s energetic, effective leadership has brought millions of dollars in business development to Grand Island. He has championed the State’s plan for a major hike and bike trail along the waterfront, secured Grand Island as the location for the State’s Western New York Visitors’ Center, and spearheaded removal of the much-despised toll barriers at the North and South Grand Island Bridges.

Deep roots in Western New York

Born and raised in North Tonawanda, Nate likes to say he’s got Erie Canal water in his veins. He grew up in a house right on the Canal and spent his summers fishing and swimming in Erie’s waters.

Nate’s Western New York roots run deep. His father’s family includes Henry Anguish, one of the founders of Tonawanda, and his mother’s ancestors were Polish immigrants, who ran Litwin’s, a popular bar and grill on North Tonawanda’s legendary Oliver Street.

Nate’s father, a construction worker, died of cancer in 1979. Nate was four years old when his father died, the second youngest of seven children. His mother’s struggles to raise her kids, manage her home, and pay the bills left an indelible impression on Nathan. He learned to work hard. He learned that when the people you love need you, you can’t hold anything back. He learned that even the hardest workers sometimes need a little help to get through the hard times.

Locally grown, with private sector know-how

After graduating from North Tonawanda Senior High, Nathan enrolled at Erie Community College. Taking night classes, Nate paid his bills by working any job he could find. “I did everything from cleaning swimming pools to running the front desk at a Holiday Inn,” he recalls.

ECC led to SUNY Buffalo, where Nate graduated with honors. He went on to earn a law degree from California’s prestigious Hastings College of Law, continuing his studies with a Master’s Degree in Law from the internationally acclaimed Tsinghua University, in Beijing, China. The US government awarded Nate a Fulbright Scholarship, to study the development of constitutional democracy in South Korea, which led to a position teaching American law at the Judicial Research and Training Institute in Seoul.

Nate’s academic successes led to positions in private law practice, where he ably represented U.S. business interests in Asia. He is an internationally recognized expert on Asian and Asian business and cultural affairs, whose commentary and interviews have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, NPR’s Marketplace, the Sydney Herald, and many other publications. Nate has also appeared at numerous conferences and public forums, including his delivery of the key note speech at the 2013 Ethics and Compliance Officer Association’s annual conference. In 2015, Nathan was chosen as a delegate to the British-American Project in Dublin, Ireland.

Nathan and his wife have lived all over the world. They chose to raise their sons right here, in Western New York. Nathan, an Eagle Scout, grew up camping hiking, and exploring the rivers, lakes, hills, and valleys of the region. “There is no more beautiful place on Earth,” Nate says, “And no place where I’d rather raise my kids.”

Nate’s experience as Grand Island Town Supervisor has taught him important lessons. “We are barely scratching the surface of Western New York’s potential,” Nate says. “We have amazing people, wonderful natural resources, and unbelievable potential. With the right leadership and some hard work, there is no limit to what we can do!”

With his wide-ranging experience, deep love for Western New York, and vision for our future: Nathan McMurray is the perfect fit for the 27th District.