We the People,

we the powerful


My name is Nathan McMurray, and I’m running for Congress in the 27th District.

I’m not a politician.  I’m a husband, and the father of two sons.  I’m a native western New Yorker, whose family roots in the region trace back to colonial times. I’m the son of a construction worker, and a mom who worked three jobs to hold our family together after Dad died.  I’m an attorney, and a successful businessman, who knows how to get things done.  For the last two years, I’ve served as the Town Supervisor of Grand Island.  But I’m not a politician.

I’m an American.  You know what I mean, because you’re an American, too.  We are all Americans: we believe in justice and fairness.  We believe that every one of us enjoys the same rights, and deserves the same opportunity to succeed.  We don’t tolerate cheaters.  We don’t tolerate lies.

Chris Collins is a politician.  Chris Collins is currently under investigation for ethics violations. The Office of Congressional Ethics states “there is a substantial reason to believe that Representative Collins took official actions that would assist a single entity in which he had a significant financial interest, in violation…of federal law.”

Insider trading. Abuse of office. Deceptions. Lies.  When even the Washington swamp is calling you dirty, what business do you have representing the 27th District?

We deserve better than Chris Collins.  We deserve honest leaders, leaders who will put service over self-interest, leaders who love this beautiful place we call home.

I want to represent you in Congress.  Because Americans deserve more than nice promises and political lies.

Endorsed by:
Working Families Party
Turn 27 Blue (8 County Chairs)
Erie County Democratic Committee
Livingston County Democratic Committee
Niagara County Democratic Committee
Wyoming County Democratic Committee