Invest in Jobs, Infrastructure and Broadband

Anyone who lives or travels through NY-27 knows that roads, bridges and public resources such as schools and parks are sorely in need of upkeep or replacement. Moreover, full access to state-of-the-art broadband infrastructure will make our District attractive to new business, and improve our quality of life. These infrastructure problems are significant, but also solvable.

A smart, well-funded infrastructure program will create local jobs and boost our local economy.  Throughout my career I've successfully managed these types of projects. I’ve worked closely with communities, organized labor, business and government to get things done and done right.   

These include installation of amenities in airports and sports arenas across the country, securing $1.3M grant for sidewalks in Grand Island, creating a Western New York Welcome Center, and securing funding and approvals for a Hike and Bike Trail along the Niagara River.