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We all deserve a fighting chance

We’re at a crossroads in our country. This midterm election will decide the direction of our country for decades to come. Nate is running for Congress because he loves Western New York and he wants to fight for the people who call it home. We have been neglected, and we have an opportunity to send a message that corrupt leaders from both parties don’t belong in Washington. It’s time we have a representative we can be proud of.

Nate has a platform that will benefit all of us. That means every American has access to good healthcare, including protecting Medicare. It means rebuilding our roads and bridges, and putting people back to work doing it. It means fighting for farmers and standing up for small businesses.  It means equal access to broadband in the furthest reaches of Western New York.

In Western New York, we know that political corruption hurts our families and drives up our taxes. The influence of big money in politics make it harder for people to find good paying jobs or afford prescription drugs. Nate won’t take ONE DIME from corporate PACs because he believes representatives must be accountable to their voters and no one else. Nate will fight to:

  • Reverse the Citizens United decision to limit the amount of money corporations can spend on elections
  • Limit the impact of corporate PAC money. Nate has not taken a dime of corporate PAC money in this race.
  • Support Term Limits

New York’s 27th District is home to a diversifying economy. From agriculture to manufacturing to energy to infrastructure, Nate believes that there are many opportunities to strengthen our local economy and create good jobs. Here are some of his priorities:

  • Support farmers by using his international experience to develop new markets at home and overseas for our local produce
  • Support good paying jobs in the renewable energy sector, like wind farms, which also reduce our dependence on foreign oil
  • Invest in infrastructure to improve our roads, bridges and public resources
  • Fight for a living wage for all workers
  • Support union jobs because unions keep the middle class strong and raise the quality of life for all people
  • Protect our farmers from trade wars and fight for better trade deals

Nate supports the Second Amendment and will work hard to promote the rights of responsible gun owners. Nate also agrees with the 75% of Americans (gun owners and non-gun-owners alike) who believe that Congress needs to do more to prevent gun violence, especially in our schools. He will work to:

  • Implement universal background checks
  • Secure funding for the study of gun violence as a public health issue
  • Ban bump stocks
  • Make sure gun owners are at the table for any discussion of new gun laws

Western New York is endowed with rich environmental beauty and an abundance of natural resources. With a district bordering two Great Lakes, Nate will protect our waterways, landscapes and air. Nate knows that climate change is real, and a real threat to our farmers, families and economy. In Congress, Nate will:

  • Protect the Great Lakes from pollution and overdevelopment
  • Fight against shortsighted regulatory rollbacks, which threaten our land, air and water
  • Support job-producing green technology
  • Address environmental health hazards such as particulate and toxic air emissions, industrial contamination of our lands, and lead in our drinking water and housing stock
  • Ensure hunters and anglers can enjoy game and fish that is safe from toxins

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. As the opioid crisis impacts our communities, we need real solutions. Nate believes that our government must do more to ensure all Americans have access to the care they need. Here are some of his priorities:

  • Pass Medicare for All, so all Americans have access to quality healthcare
  • Protect Social Security and Medicare
  • Support a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions
  • Fight for funding combat the opioid crisis
  • Hold big pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies accountable for their role in the opioid crisis
  • Legalize cannabis

Access to good schools is the best way to give all our children the skills and opportunities they need to succeed in the 21st century economy. Nate understands that everyone’s path is different and the need for resources to support students at all levels. Here are some of his priorities:

  • Ensure our public schools have the support they need from the federal government
  • End the overreliance on standardized tests for student advancement and curriculum decisions
  • Expand vocational education for students who choose not to go to college
  • Address the student loan debt by allowing graduates to refinance at lower interest rates
  • Cap student loan payments at 10 percent of a graduate’s take-home pay

Social Security is an earned benefit, paid for by a lifetime of work. Now, because of massive tax cuts for the wealthy and large corporations, Social Security is at risk of being cut or privatized. Many of Western New York’s retirees rely on their Social Security payments to make ends meet, and many more aren’t getting enough benefits to afford their medication, rent, or utilities. Nate will oppose any effort to cut Social Security.

Nate is against raising taxes on working Americans and the middle-class. Last year’s tax bill was a raw deal for the middle-class and benefited the mega rich. With Social Security and Medicare at risk, we cannot let a tax cuts for millionaires gut the programs that average Americans rely on. He is committing to fight for tax cuts for the middle class and small businesses